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Introducing Our Planning Team


Lehe Planning, LLC, provides quality services with effective results delivered to our clients.  Our team uses a personable approach that facilitates a full partnership, respective of the unique needs and special conditions required for successful consulting services. Our approach to professional services delivery ensures value.  Quality, thoroughness, innovation, and responsiveness are the cornerstones of our successes.  Our comprehensive knowledge and experience in achieving results assures the next client of the value of professional services offered by Lehe Planning, LLC.

Innovative Land Use  

We can assist with land use controls, including recent innovations in zoning and subdivision regulations, to implement your community's plan.   

Project Funding

Our professional expertise in grantsmanship improves your local efforts to secure grants from a variety of sources.

Featured Services

Hazard Mitigation

Planning and implementation of strategies and projects to mitigate the damaging impacts of hazards can help achieve disaster resiliency for your community.  . 

Community Visioning and Strategic Planning

We prepare comprehensive plans that reflect long-term community visions and present workable strategies for achieving your goals..

Consulting Planners and project managers

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