Mt. Olive Community Safe Room. Tuscaloosa County, AL. The Mt. Olive safe room will be located with and operated by the Mt. Olive Fire Protection District in rural Tuscaloosa County.  It will help protect up to 300  school children and staff, as well as area residents.  The Tuscaloosa County Commission was awarded a $450,000 FEMA grant to fund 75% of the $600,000 total estimated cost. 

Carroll's Creek Community Safe Room and Fire Station. Tuscaloosa County, AL. The Carroll's Creek safe room is nearing completion beneath a new fire station that will serve this rural fire district. Funded in part, with a $820K FEMA grant, this facility will protect up to 400 persons from tornado threats.  In nearby Yellow Creek, the Volunteer Fire Department will operate its safe room with plans to add a fire station.  Each facility will protect more than 300 persons.

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Blount County EMA and Chambers County EMA, AL.  Two FEMA planning grants have been awarded to these counties  for their five year plan updates.  The plans were completed by the end of 2016 and are pending FEMA approval and local adoption.   Lehe Planning developed the original 2005 plan and the 2010 update for Chambers County and the original 2003 plan for Blount County. Go to for more information on the Chambers planning process.

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McDonald Hughes Community Safe Room.  Tuscaloosa Park and Recreation Authority (PARA), Tuscaloosa, AL.  We secured a $2.5 million FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) award to PARA for this $3.3 million project and recently applied for a significant increase in the federal share..  We serve as project manager and coordinate its implementation.  This dual use facility with a unique dome design will be a gymnasium addition to the existing community center and protect up to 1,700 persons from tornado threats. PARA has supplemented the addition with a complete renovation of the existing building. Located within the heart of the City, this shelter, with matching funds provided by the City of Tuscaloosa, responds to the tornado devastation of April, 2011. 

Morgan County EMA, AL.  Lehe Planning is providing guidance and support to Rock Park, Inc. who is the lead consultant on this 2017 five year plan update of the Morgan County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan .

Fosters Community Safe Room. Tuscaloosa County, AL. The Fosters safe room, located on the same site as the Myrtlewood Elementary School in rural Tuscaloosa County will help protect up to 300  school children and staff, as well as area residents.  The Tuscaloosa County Commission was awarded a $450,000 FEMA grant to fund 75% of the $600,000 total estimated cost. 

Yellow Creek Community Safe Room. Tuscaloosa County, AL. The Yellow Creek Volunteer Fire Department will operate this safe room with plans to add a fire station.  This facility, with funding assistance from a $469K FEMA grant, will protect up to 300 nearby residents of this rural community.

Featured Projects in progress

Tuscaloosa Department of Transportation (TDOT) Community Safe Room. Tuscaloosa, AL. The TDOT safe room will be a  addition to the City's public works facility and protect up to 481 city employees and neighborhood residents.  This $1 million facility will be funded with the assistance of an $800K FEMA grant.

Central Fultondale Community Safe Room. City of Fultondale, AL.  We helped the City secure the FEMA funds to construct this 400-person multi-use safe rooms, in close proximity to City Hall.   The City recently completed the West Fultondale Community Safe Room adjacent to one of its fire stations.

Mobile County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and First Responders Safe Room. Mobile, AL. The proposed safe room will be an addition to the new EOC, which is now under construction.   The safe room addition of 6,270 sf will protect up to 200 first responders and their family members during a hurricane and up to 796 persons during a tornado event.  The $2 million safe room addition to the $11 million EOC is funded in part by a $1.5 million FEMA grant.

City of Vestavia Hills, AL.  Lehe Planning and Walter Schoel Engineering Co. are preparing this guide to the city's participation in the Community Rating System (CRS) Program of the National Flood Insurance Program. The CRS Program discounts flood insurance premiums in recognition of exceptional floodplain management practices.  A FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) planning grant helped fund this planning process.  More information can be found through the public outreach website at

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